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Our Story

We started our daily email newsletter and website Red for the Blue after a bracing post-election coffee shop lunch in January. Like many, we were blown away by Donald Trump’s win. What we had been reading did not explain what we were seeing.

We knew that we needed to get outside our carefully curated world of left-leaning news in order to find out what the people voting for Trump were reading and listening. Why were they not alarmed by the same things we were? We knew fake news was part of the problem, but that could not be the sole explanation.

Many of our friends felt the same way; however, a significant number of them did not have the time nor, frankly, the stomach to wade through the hyper-polarized news from conservative and alt-right sources.

That’s when we realized that we could offer a growing population of Left-leaning readers a service by offering a comprehensive survey and analysis of news coming from right-leaning sources, focusing on outlets often overlooked by and invisible to the mainstream press.  

Our newsletter, Red for the Blue, covers the daily messages of influential talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones, and the powerful alt-right outlets such as Breitbart and Independent Journalism Review. We also scrutinize self-made pundits and influencers across Twitter and other social media platforms, as well as newsletters circulated under the radar by conservative organizations and Congressmen. And of course, we keep our eye out for trending fake news, as well.

Our hope is that Red for the Blue will arm readers with the knowledge to facilitate constructive, face-to-face political discourse.


Leslie Kaufman has been a reporter for over 25 years. She covered politics for Newsweek but spent the last 16 years of her reporting career at The New York Times, where her last beat was digital media. Follow her on Twitter at @leslieatlarge and on Linkedin here.

Jennifer Bassett is a content strategist and editor with 10+ years of experience working for brands, publishers, agencies, and media companies. She started her career as a book editor. Follow her on Twitter @jabers and on Linkedin here.

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